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Welding Safety in Twin Falls, ID

At Gem State Welders Supply, we believe that all injuries can be prevented and that all our efforts in safety will yield results in safety.

  • Personal Protective Equipment. The type of personal protective equipment required at a particular location depends on the products handled at that location. Read the MSDS for each specific product handled at your location.
  • Receiving Cylinders and Containers. Personnel responsible for receiving cylinders and containers should perform an external inspection on all packages before moving them to the point of use or to the storage area.
  • Testing for Leaks. After completing the external inspection, you should proceed with testing for leaks.
  • Storing Cylinders and Containers. Storage of compressed gas cylinders and cryogenic liquid containers is governed by codes of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Local codes may also apply. Know and obey codes governing storage at each of your locations. Compressed gases and liquids are organized in product categories and should follow specific storage guidelines.
  • Moving Cylinders and Containers. Cylinders and containers must always be moved carefully. Mishandling that results in a damaged valve or ruptured cylinder can expose personnel to the hazards associated with these gases.
  • Opening and Closing Valves. Observing a few simple rules when opening and closing valves can prevent damage to valves and equipment and add years of useful service life to the valves.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). USW MSDSs list the characteristics and hazards of a specific hazardous industrial material. They tell how to handle, store and ship the material safely and in accordance with regulations. They also give emergency and first aid procedures for dealing with injuries, fires, leaks, spills, and other incidents involving the material.
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